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Creep Blocker Privacy Stickers


Webcam Cover Sticker, Laptop Webcam Sticker, Privacy Sticker Webcam

Creep Blocker is a webcam cover sticker designed to protect you and your family from malware and other spy monitoring tools that can turn on the webcam on your smart phone, tablet, or laptop without your knowledge or permission.  For over 60 decals at less than 20 cents each, these laptop webcam stickers are a great bargain that will last you for years.  

They are reusable and resealable, so they can be taken off and put back on again, over and over, without leaving any residue on the camera lens.

Why Do I Need These Laptop Webcam Stickers?




Simply peel and stick our specially engineered laptop webcam stickers to your smart phone, tablet, or laptop.  They're made from a propriety adhesive that will not leave residue on the lens, and can be reused 1000's of times.


Designed and made in California, USA.

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