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RFID Wallet | RFID Blocking Wallet | RFID Protection Wallet

RFID Wallet | RFID Blocking Wallet | RFID Protection Wallet 


A Silent Pocket RFID wallet utilizes advanced, military-grade shielding, which blocks NFC as well.  Other companies falsely claim to block NFC, but do not be fooled.

Our V2 RFID blocking wallet also includes protection from long-range RFID tags that work on a 125kHz frequency.  Our RFID & NFC wallets are the only ones on the market offering this type of protection!

We use a superior quality Napa leather which is smooth and supple.  With our RFID wallet, you get the construction quality of a designer wallet with the added peace of mind knowing that your most sensitive data is secure.

Why Do I Need to Use an RFID wallet?


For under $300, electronic pickpockets can buy remote "skimming" devices small enough to be placed into a backpack that can steal the information off of your driver's license, passport, and/or credit cards unless you're using an RFID wallet.

With credit cards, for example, these remote devices can get the cardholder's name, card number, expiration date, and a one-time CVV code.  Using this newly stolen information, a thief can then use a remote point-of-sale (POS) machine to process a single transaction on your card.  All of this can take place in under a few minutes and you won't know unless you catch the unlawful transaction on your bank statement and challenge the charge.

RFID Wallet | RFID Blocking Wallet | RFID Protection Wallet