Our Story

Just as smoking cigarettes and not having seat-belts ran it's course, so has not securing your phone and devices from harming your life. This is not fear mongering or paranoia, this is just practical advice and a practical set of tools to help you live a more secure, private and healthy life.

When it all started out, Silent Pocket was just a simple (very basic) tool to take your phone off the grid. Since, we evolved into a fashionable and practical product line that is necessary for many walks of life.

We foresaw a growing dependence between the people around us and digital devices, not just phones at this point but the rapidly growing number of devices that became deemed necessary for success. But what does success look like? Certainly not owning multiple devices that do more harm than good. So our next thought was, how will we cut this electronic leash? 

It wasn’t always sleek and sexy. In fact, it was as basic as it gets, with shielding material simply cloaked around a flip phone. A Motorola I think. 

Phones, laptops, tablets and really anything that emits or receives a signal was our inspiration to create a product line that served the user in a different way. A way to give power into the user’s hands of how and when to connect. And as simple as that, Silent Pocket was born - a comprehensive product line that blocks wireless signals to and from any device.

We remain a bit disappointed in what these devices take from us, so over the years we have developed new products that seamlessly integrate with your life. Making your device mute from the world is now your choice anywhere, anytime.

Welcome to our collective journey towards providing Privacy, Security, and Health for all.