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Mind The Grid

Mind the Grid

'Mind the Grid' is a tagline, motto, and mantra we use here at Silent Pocket, daily. 

To us, it means to be mindful of our wireless technology at all times.  While our digital age affords us convenience, usefulness, and all of the knowledge of mankind at our fingertips, these advantages often come at a cost.  

The Loss of Security and Privacy

With it now being possible to have an internet connection nearly everywhere we roam, this tether to the digital ether exposes us to a loss of privacy and security by many means.  If we do not mind the grid, it can lead to some fairly serious consequences.

1.)  Laptops, tablets, and smart phones can physically be hacked by installing any of a myriad of malicious software.  These programs, which can be installed and then run without the user's knowledge, can monitor calls and texts, track location through GPS 24/7, or access sensitive data such as email or banking accounts.

2.)  Our children's wireless devices can be accessed by pedophiles.  A would-be child molester could call, text, and/or turn on the webcam without anyone knowing it is happening.

3.)  Nearly all apps we use on our phones ask for access to more information than the app requires in order to function.  While we nearly always approve, we need to stop and ask ourselves for what purpose all of this information gathered on us could be used if it gets into the wrong hands.  Too many corporations know our whereabouts every moment of the day, track our behavioral patters, and even sell this information to 3rd parties that may not have our best interests at heart.

If We Don't Mind The Grid, Then Work Follows Us Everywhere We Go

It used to be when a person went on vacation, they were able to escape the daily grind of everyday responsibilities, and especially the problems that plague them at work.  This is yet another reason why being able to mind the grid is so important.

But now when we're on vacation, we're really not on vacation at all.  The ability to take our work with us through email and work programs installed on laptops and smart phones has blurred the lines of individual realities, smashing them into a never ending loop of stress and problem solving.

There are times when you need to unplug.  Our subconscious mind needs the break from problems at work, deadlines, and the demand for productivity.  Often by taking a step back and resting this frenetic part of our brain, we are able to return with a new perspective on the rigors of our daily lives.  Problems that seemed insurmountable prior to our break become manageable, and dare I say it, even enjoyable again at times.


The Reliance On Technology Is Making Us Soft

Yes, GPS is quite wonderful.  Yet, if our satellites were interrupted or damaged by a solar flare, you'd have cities full of 20-somethings unable to navigate from one Starbucks to the next.  The imagined site of young people wondering aimlessly throughout the concrete jungles like a bunch of Abercrombied zombies is both humorous and painful at the same time.  Reading physical maps is quickly becoming a lost art.

Simple mathematical computations in our heads have become a thing of the past.  Without the calculator on my desktop, 7 x 8 = a 30 minute ordeal filled with frustration and fear of early-onset Alzheimer's!

Texting, the 2nd most inefficient form of communication known to man behind the telegraph, is laying waste to the written English language.  How many times have you seen a string of acronyms in a text you don't understand, only to spend the next 10 minutes looking them up?!  SMH...


A Lack Of Physical Interconnectivity And The Isolation That Comes With It


Humans these days are digitally connected in a way never seen before in history, yet we're becoming more isolated than ever before at the same rate.  Our wireless devices are also hurting our interpersonal relationships.

Facebook has made it easier to reconnect with lost loved ones and friends, while simultaneously making it easier to "delete" other relationships.  Electronic media has made confrontation more prevalent than it would be in person.  It removes a layer of the strife involved with conveying difficult or negative emotional responses, making it the preferred method of delivery; and the response can often be "unfriend and block", rather than the more difficult task of talking things through, using empathy, and coming to an understanding.




We need the ability to take back control over our technology rather than being ruled by it.  The physical world is still out there waiting for us to appreciate it again, and it contains billions of wonderful treasures buried beneath layers of digital reality.

The same wireless devices we rely on for ease of use, complex problem solving, and connectivity to the grid are invading our privacy, making our sensitive data less secure, putting our family in danger, ruining our relationships, and making society reliant on them.

With telecommunications backbones connecting nearly every country on the planet and electromagnetic frequencies invisibly bouncing around our heads at all times, minding the grid and having the ability to disconnect is now more important than ever.

Silent Pocket's mission is to empower and protect citizens and give them the choice to be on or off the grid as they see fit through the use of our products.

Please go outside today and say "HI!" to Mother Nature - she misses you.

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