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Brand Ambassadors

removed.social eric pickersgill no cell phone removed tedx

Eric Pickersgill, Removed Project - Charlotte, NC 

The creator of the viral photographic series titled Removed. His followers are individuals who are either interested in balancing technology and relationships OR they are interested in Art and Fine Art Photography.

"I am excited to drive individuals and organizations that would be interested in using products that help people divide their wired and unplugged time. The viewers of my work are often struck by how much they use their device and after seeing the photographs are in search of ways to be more mindful of device time. I don’t believe people think about wireless security that much until they have their identity stolen. It’s obvious that hacking information is profitable and so people are getting better than ever at getting the information they want" - Eric 

madison salty wolf ambassador for Silent Pocket mind the grid

Madison Olson, "Salty Wolf" - Cardiff by the Sea, CA 

A traveler and adventurer The Salty Wolf finds comfort breaking free from the boundaries of the city to disappear into the wilderness of the coast or the mountains.

"I want to be a brand ambassador for Silent Pocket because I find a lot of value in the products and am a huge believer of “digital detox”. I’m on my computer and phone a lot for my job, so it’s important for me to balance out all that tech time with technological detachment. With Silent Pocket, it’s easy to disconnect and disappear from the grid.

There is a fine line between living in reality and virtual reality. People can curate who they are and tend to show only their best sides on social media, creating a lot of pressure around the standards of success, beauty, and lifestyle. Location tracking can be incredibly helpful but also threatens our privacy. I try not to let apps track my location and always quit my maps app when I’m done using it. Silent Pocket devices are truly one of the only ways to hide though" - Madison 

qore perfomance justin li silent pocket ambassador

Justin Li, Qore Performance - Fairfax, VA 

Founder of Qore Performance, Justin's mission is to actively enhance human performance and safety with wearable technology for athletes and tactical users. Our solutions were born out of a critical need to improve performance and safety while working as a law enforcement officer in the deserts of the southwestern US.

"I love the Silent Pocket product: simple, minimalist, functional, sleek. Addresses a critical passive security requirement.

It is vulnerable to advanced attack. Given where I travel for business (law enforcement agencies, military bases, the Middle East), personal security for my cards and devices is mission critical" - Justin 


Our #mindthegrid ambassadors represent an honest way of disconnecting from the grid. Collectively as photographers, bloggers, techies and travelers we create a stream of narrative brand imagery and stories.

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