Faraday Laptop and Tablet Sleeves




The Faraday Laptop and Tablet Sleeve will instantly enhance your daily privacy, security and valuable data stored on your computer or tablet. Made of durable waterproof woven nylon or real cow leather with our patented Faraday cage embedded inside.

This instantly blocks all wireless signals in and out.

It's a stylish, convenient accessory that gives you daily peace of mind. Our laptops and tablets are never really "off" so when not in use, why not offer your device the most valuable physical and wireless protection?

Instantly block ALL Wireless Signal, Cellular, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID and NFC. 

Internal Dimensions / Sizing:

  • 13 inch laptop or similar sized tablet - 34.5 x 26 CM // 13.58 x 10.24 Inches
  • 15 inch laptop or similar sized tablet (Includes New 16 inch Macbook) - 41 x 29 CM // 16.14 x 11.4 Inches


Waterproof woven nylon or cow leather with internal padding

Versatile and lightweight

External document pocket

Patented interlocking Faraday cage; easy to use without straps or velcro

Shields 100+ dB (decibels); best on the market

Shields against EMR radiation

Blocks GPS tracking and GEO location

    Technical Specs:

    • Shields 100+ dB
    • Blocks frequencies between 800MHz – 5 GHz
    • Blocks CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS, 3G, 4G, LTE
    • Blocks WiFi (2.4 - 5 GHz), Bluetooth (2.4 GHz) and GPS (1-2 GHz)
    • Blocks RFID and NFC in 13.56 MHz
    • Blocks Carrier, hardware, and OS agnostics

    Here is what you can control:

    • Blocks the connection of any phone, in any country, on any network
    • Blocks GPS tracking and GEO location
    • Protects against identity theft
    • Protects against cell phone spying of microphone and camera
    • Blocks RFID chips in passports and credit cards
    • Blocks smart keys and electronic car keys or key fobs
    • Shields against EMR radiation
    • Shields against static shock

    Additional info:  Wireless signals, RFID and NFC

    Commonly referred to as wireless signals (Radio Frequency or RF for short) are used in communication for your phone, tablet, car radio, computer, credit card, etc. The electronic transmission of this data is done wirelessly and poses many problems to your security and privacy. It makes ALL of your information open to be intercepted. 

    RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. You should care about protecting your cards with embedded RFID chips because it holds sensitive personal information about you and your family. There is an epidemic of this information being wirelessly lifted (commonly referred to as skimmed, scanned or hacked) while traveling. Having this info land into the wrong hands only means headache, financial troubles and identity theft. By utilizing our wallet collection you instantly safe guard all your information on your cards and passport.

    NFC means Near Field Communication. This is just like RFID, except it can communicate both ways making data transferable to and from a the chip. This is what Google Wallet and Apple Pay utilize for transmission of your credit card information at a point of purchase.

    *Please note - VATs and duties not included for international orders. Travel responsibly.