Signal Shield RFID Protection Card + Wallet


Signal Shield RFID Blocking Card

The Signal Shield RFID Protection Card is as simple as it gets. Simple RFID protection and simple design to carry as a minimalist wallet with elastic band OR add to any non-secure wallet. Simply add RFID protection to your existing wallet at 13.56 MHz or use 2 cards and the elastic band as a minimalist wallet. 

Versatile, lightweight and perfect for the front pocket

Instant security for anything with an RFID chip

Dimensions: Same as standard credit card

Weight: 1 oz.

Includes 2 RFID Signal Shield Protection Cards and 1 elastic band for use as a minimalist wallet.

But wait, why do I want this?

Because you don't want to be the one that got hacked. Hackers can "skim" sensitive data from your credit or debit card remotely without your knowledge, plus you want to slim down what you carry. Stick to the essentials.

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