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Privacy Stickers | Webcam Stickers | Laptop Webcam Cover | camJAMR

Privacy Stickers | Webcam Stickers | Laptop Webcam Cover | camJAMR

Why does every app on your phone, tablet, or computer ask to access your camera?!

Why do Mark Zuckerberg and FBI Director James Comey use webcam stickers?!

Why does Zachary Quinto, one of the stars of 'Snowden', advocate using privacy stickers?

Here is a simple and effective way to enhance your privacy: 

(1) Sheet of 14 laptop webcam covers: 6 medium webcam stickers (1cm x 1cm) & 8 small webcam stickers (.5cm x .5cm)


Why Do I Need These Privacy Stickers?

- As Edward Snowden has indicated, webcam indicator lights can be disabled & security software is beaten everyday.

- You and/or your children can be spied upon without your knowledge! 

- In 2008, the NSA and its UK counterpart, GCHQ, launched Optic Nerve, which captured and stored 1.8 Million still images of Yahoo users, without their knowledge or permission, through their webcam!

- Here's an article from 2011, think about how far we have come since then. 

- Each camJAMR™ is 100% effective at blocking unauthorized web camera footage. 

- Cover ALL of your webcam lenses with these removable and reusable privacy stickers! 




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