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Will 5G cause more health risks when using your phone?

February 08, 2020 2 min read

Will 5G cause more health risks when using your phone?

As 5G begins to roll out through this year, there may be some adverse side effects to the increased speeds you will get. The 5G network will mean more cell towersspread out around the world, as they travel a shorter distance than the current 4G, as well as more possible health risks.

When the Senate held a hearing last year on the future of 5G, Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, asked what was being tested as far as possible increased risks. He was shocked to find that there was no sanctioned testing on 5G's effect on the Human Body.

We already do not fully understand the possible health risks from our phones, tablets, and laptops as they simply have not been around long enough to see any long term side effects. At one time they warned against standing by a microwave for too long, Cell Phones are the new microwave. Both of them have not been around long enough to see health risks, but there are people who are starting to feel them now.

Currently, there are a number of people that suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity, or an increased awareness of electronic fields from electronic cellular, and mobile devices that utilized WiFi, Wireless, Bluetooth, etc.

The World Health Organization at present does not say that this is a real medical condition, but anyone who has electromagnetic hypersensitivity will say otherwise. Feeling everything from "tingling and burning sensations to fatigue, concentration difficulties, nausea, and digestive disturbances."

We recommend that you take a number of steps to limit your direct contact with your mobile devices, especially with the rollout of 5G. They are simple things such as using wired headphones instead of Bluetooth headsets or Airpods and storing your devices in Faraday Sleeves while they are not in use. A faraday cage will not only block your location, but also any radiation that your phone, laptop, or tablet may be emitting.

Brandon L
Brandon L

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