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What are you downloading?

July 25, 2019 1 min read

be careful with wetransfer downloads

WeTransfer is used by many to send high quality files whether it be graphics, photos, videos, and more. Because of this many come to trust this service and what is being sent to them.

But stay on the alert!

Hackers are beginning to use WeTransfer to circumvent common spam filters that are in place in your gmail, yahoo, etc. accounts. They upload an HTM or HTML file that redirects to a phishing page so when you download the file and open it, you are presented with a page that asks for you to login.

This email campaign comes through as a genuine WeTransfer email and with a simple note that claims that the file is something along the lines of an invoice.

Make sure you are expecting something via WeTransfer before opening the files.

Read more about Cyber Security Below:

Cyber Security and You

Mind The Grid


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