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Free Shipping on All USA orders

The Best Anti-Radiation Phone Case

October 31, 2017



The utility of our shielding products focus on three areas: Anti-Radiation, RFID Security and full shielding Faraday Cage protection for privacy and security.


We were excited to see our iPhone 6s Anti-Radiation Phone Case come in at number 5 on Wiki Reviews for Top 10 Best Radiation Protection Phone Cases.

As we become one with our devices, it is important to monitor the risks they bring such as harmful radiation to our bodies. It is worth your time to think about how you carry your phone, how you use your phone, how you talk on your phone and how your family uses their phones.

IF you are looking to get started our iPhone and Samsung specific phone cases help you mitigate the risk of harmful high and low frequency radiation to your body.

IF you want to take it one step further and block ALL wireless signal, check out our patented Faraday cage products to block it all and go about life with ultimate privacy, security and health.





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