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The Apple Card, Why is Everyone Talking About it?

August 23, 2019 1 min read

The Apple Card, Why is Everyone Talking About it?

You have undoubtedly heard about the Apple Card already, either through the multiple emails Apple themselves has sent out, social media, or a peer. But what's all the fuss about it?

If you are unfamiliar with the Apple Pay system that the card is based on, there is no number on the card for a reason. It Changes. When apple pay is used with your existing cards, the card number is automatically generated to reduce fraud with anyone that tries to reverse engineer the system.

Apple has taken this functionality and extended it to a physical card. Allowing you to use this card at places that do not have Apple Pay functionality. However, they still push apple pay with their cash back. With the Apple Card you receive 3% at Apple itself, 2% when you use Apple Pay on your phone, and 1% everywhere else. Furthermore the card has no fees whatsoever, tracks your weekly and monthly activity, can calculate the best way to pay off your purchases, and instantly notifies you on all purchases to see if there is any fraud.

However, there are already "use" instructions. Confused? Don't worry, it's not how to actually swipe your card but how to clean it. The sleek titanium card requires to not be kept with denim or leather, other cards, loose change, near magnets, and cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and "soft, slightly damp, lint-free microfiber cloth."

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Brandon Lasko
Brandon Lasko

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