How To Protect Your Car From High-Tech Car Theft

July 10, 2018

How To Protect Your Car From High-Tech Car Theft

Criminals no longer need to smash car windows or hot wire cars to steal the belongings inside your car or the car itself. Now with a simple and cheap device, your car can fall vulnerable to car theft. Relay attacks are the most common way to open and turn on your car.

Essentially, a relay attack involves two people. One person stands by the car with one device and the other person stands by the front door with the other device. The person who is standing at the door is trying to get your key’s signal from inside your house. From there, the device mimics your key’s signal and sends it to the person standing by your car. Once the device receives the signal the person by the car, they can not only unlock your car, but also can start the ignition. This type of relay attack can happen anywhere not just your house. There have been reports of this at crowded places like grocery stores, malls, offices and coffee shops.

For a relay attack to work, the person trying to capture your key’s signal only needs to be 10 feet from you. This presents a huge opportunity for criminals to successfully mimic your key and take your car before you’re even done getting your cup of morning joe. This attack is quick, quiet, and nonchalant.

Car theft is on the rise with keyless entry systems cars and it is important to take preventative measures to ensure your car is protected.

Security conscious individuals have been taking matters into their own hands with innovative preventative measures such as using tin foil, coffee containers, microwaves, and fridges. Since this epidemic began, the quick fix was wrapping your keys in tin foil. Wrapping your car keys in tin foil will block the signal and prevent any criminals trying to mimic your key’s signal. Other people are currently placing their keys into a coffee container wrapped with tin foil. When people get home or are in for the night, they place their keys in the fridge or microwave to block their key’s signal.

All these solutions will get the job done but are extremely inconvenient. No one wants to walk around with their keys in tin foil or even worse carrying a coffee container everywhere they go. 

Key Fob Guard By Silent PocketSilent Pocket addressed this issue and created the Key Fob Guard. The Key Fob Guard is a sleeve for your keys that blocks all signals to and from your keys. This small, flexible and durable Faraday cage and key fob protector is made of cotton canvas with proprietary shielding material. This Key Fob Guard is discrete, low profile, and you can easily get your key in and out of the sleeve. We offer this guard in a variety of colors including olive, black, purple, and red. The Key Fob Guard is under $20 and is relatively cheap solution for car theft and break-ins. We created the Key Fob Guard, so you can protect your privacy and security as well as still being able to enjoy the convenience of technology.

Sleep well at night knowing your car will be there in the morning. Invest in your assets.

Silent Pocket is a patented Faraday cage product line of phone cases, wallets and bags. Designed with fashion, utility and durability in mind, our products give any phone, tablet or computer instant privacy and security. Silent Pocket’s product line is a physical analog solution to enhancing your digital security and protect yourself from cybercrime. Give yourself peace of mind knowing your devices are safe and secure.

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