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Privacy Issues with Contact Tracing

August 14, 2020 2 min read

Privacy Issues with Contact Tracing

As we continue to monitor the situation around Covid-19 contact tracing there have been some new steps to note.

These applications and the software to make it happen could arguably have been rushed to market by various countries and companies alike. They all claim to have privacy at the top of their list, but do they really? We have extensively covered various reasons we think this is a bad idea and how it can affect our personal liberties going forward.

If you missed our past entries, we have cited how various policies were put in to place post 9/11 that were never completely repealed, changing the face of persona privacy. Furthermore, because there are now so many different applications, there are just as many data banks. Leaving your personal data at risk in more ways than should be allowed. Finally, there has been an onslaught of fake contact tracing applications that even at times ask the user for a ransom.

All of these applications were brought into question at last week's virtual DEFCON. An event we usually attend in person but was forced online due to current events. The analysts that are brought together during these events found that these applications are taking more data than is necessary, taking too much data, and attempting to widdle it down instead of taking the bare minimum.

Multiple applications were analyzed by privacy researchers and found to be asking permission for data that was deemed unnecessary. Speed to market is one possibility for a proper security review to take place, but we think this is unacceptable when millions of people's private personal and business data is at stake.

We can't stress enough how an easy adoption of a Faraday Sleeve when leaving the house has become a necessity. Allowing quick, and easy disconnection from the connected world.


Brandon L
Brandon L

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