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Keep Your Private Information...Private!

February 15, 2018

Keep Your Private Information...Private!

We often talk about what you can do to protect your own privacy. Reading the terms of service that come with apps, disabling GPS tracking, being conscious of posting your location on social media, not connecting to public wireless networks, or using Silent Pocket's Faraday Cage Sleeve Collection. All of these are great for protecting your information but taking these simple steps does more than just secure you.

Our mobile devices store more than just our own private information. Your contacts list is a collection of many people’s details; it’s their personal phone number, email, physical address, company name, and whatever else you connect to that contact. So maybe you are ok with giving an app access to parts of your phone like your contacts, but take a second and think whether your friends want their information given out. Not only are you giving out other peoples details when you release access to your contacts list but it happens without them ever knowing that now some 3rd party has their information or being given a choice to opt-out. This isn’t just limited to apps on your phone. When you grant access to games or apps on social media the same thing applies. 3rd parties are getting access to your friends through you.

I’m definitely guilty of simply hitting “I accept” and downloading an app without considering the ramifications of what I’ve just handed over. But after doing so for years and finding myself at the end of more and more solicited calls I finally stopped and thought about it. Was it really worth giving away mine and my friend’s information to download an app that I would run once and then never open again? For me, the answer came out to no. In my experience, I have noticed less and less calls from unknown numbers trying to sell me random products as I have become more selective and informed about what apps I grant access to my information. By spending just a minute to really understand what information is being handed over and what the company of the app wants it for I am able to keep my contacts, and my own, personal information secure.

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