August 23, 2018



Vendor Hall DEF CON 26 - Las Vegas 

DEF CON 26 was one for the books! As the saying goes, “there ain’t no party like a hacking party!” This hacking conference took place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas from August 9-12th. This year we had the pleasure of spending three days in the vendor hall talking shop to an amazing collective of hackers, enthusiasts, professionals, knowledge seekers and all-around great people. Being a vendor in a sea of foot traffic at the largest hacking convention, you'd think PARANOIA WOULD DESTROY YA, but it just felt down right comfortable and good! There is nothing like the DEF CON community. This community is extremely unique, intelligent, and has the capabilities to hack just about anything. They know the importance of digital safety to say the least!

DEF CON Faraday Phone SleeveHowever you look at it, we had a single point of view this year at DEF CON 26. Holding down the booth, left us at the mercy of conversation with what other people saw, what others were engaging in, what else was happening behind the scenes, and what presentations exploited another technology.  We were so excited to be part of the vendor hall. It had this energy like no other! Maybe it was the fact that people knew what a Faraday bag was, and after a quick demonstration they purchased. They got it. Maybe it was that we had a ton of high fives and a sellout show. OR maybe it felt right in offering the individual an analog tool to get them off the grid anytime, anywhere. Probably all the above. 

From these conversations we learned about hacking cars, wireless threats, and the reality of what sheep mostly are. 

Car Hacking Village - exposing the truths about our new cars and how they can be easily hacked.... PLUG - the consensuses is in, better buy a KEY FOB GUARD

Wireless Village - double check your Bluetooth, cellular connection and do we even need to say watch out with public Wi-Fi. Turn them off or use a FARADAY PHONE SLEEVE.

Voting Machine Hacking Village – children compete in hacking replica voting machines that will be used in the mid-term elections. Should we be concerned this coming November?

def con wallet by silent pocketWe were so excited to have sold out of all our limited-edition DEF CON Faraday Phone Sleeves, Faraday Dry Bags, RFID Secure Wallets, and our RFID Secure Passport Wallets! These customized products were an absolute success! Everyone who visited us at the booth we thank you for the great conversation and support in Silent Pocket. We enjoyed listening to your insight and talking about physical analog solutions for data security. We can’t wait till next year! If you did not go this year, we highly recommend you get tickets for next year. It’s an eye-opening experience you definitely don’t want to miss.

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