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Cyber Security Tips for Holiday Travel

November 28, 2017

Cyber Security Tips for Holiday Travel

Traveling home for the holidays? During this holiday season, over 103 million people will travel to spend the holidays with family and friends. The airports and subway stations will be extremely crowded and hectic. Identity theft and security breaches are very prevalent during the holiday season in crowded areas. Here are a few recommendations to take while traveling this busy holiday season.

Simple RFID Blocking Wallet by Silent Pocket

During the holiday season, RFID skimming is very common in crowded airports and subway stations. RFID skimming is one form of digital theft. RFID skimming takes sensitive information from your credit cards, ID, and passport and duplicates it. The most efficient way to prevent identity theft through RFID skimming is to use a RFID blocking wallet. Silent Pocket offers a wide variety of different styles RFID blocking wallets and passport wallets. These wallets protect and secure your sensitive information on all RFID cards and give you a peace of mind while traveling during the hectic holiday season.

Faraday Dual Cage Collection by Silent Pocket

Many people holiday traveling usually take the time to finish up last minute work at the airport or subway station. It is important to take precautions when connecting to public Wi-Fi because public Wi-Fi networks are usually not secure. The best preventive measure is to use a VPN while connected to public networks. A VPN is a virtual private network that secures connection between business offices and remote devices, and it encrypts and shares data over a secure connection. If you don’t invest in a VPN, it is recommended to avoid using public Wi-Fi if you are able to. If it is unavoidable, it is wise to avoid going on any sensitive websites such as banking, checking emails, and online shopping.

Faraday Dual Cage Collection by Silent Pocket

It is important to also protect and secure your confidential information when your electronics are not in use. Silent Pocket offers Faraday Laptop Sleeve and Faraday Dual Cage for your laptops, ipads, and tablets. These products offer your devices the most valuable physical and wireless protection. The sleeves and cages instantly block all wireless signals which makes your devices untraceable, undetectable, and unhackable.

Faraday Waterproof Backpack by Silent Pocket

Silent Pocket's Faraday Backpack offers complete protection for all of your devices including smart keys, credit cards, ID, passports, laptops, tablets, and any other devices. This backpack is perfect for travelers who want to safely store all their devices and cards in one durable backpack or for travelers who are looking to go completely off the grid. The Faraday Backpack blocks RFID chips and GPS tracking and it also protects against identity theft and radiation. This is an all-in-one waterproof backpack that is sleek and is perfect for travel.

 In conclusion, make sure you are taking preventative measures to protect your private information while traveling this holiday season. Traveling can be chaotic and stressful, so alleviate some of the stress by investing in products that protects your sensitive personal, work, and financial information. Silent Pocket is a patented Faraday cage product line of phone cases, wallets and bags. Designed with fashion, utility and durability in mind, our products give any phone, tablet or computer instant privacy and security. Our product line is designed to seamlessly integrate with the devices you use on a daily basis. Wishing everyone safe travels and happy holidays!

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