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Cyber Security 101: Holiday Shopping

November 27, 2017 2 min read

Cyber Security 101: Holiday Shopping

The holiday season is officially upon us! Holiday shopping is going to be record breaking this year bringing in over $1 trillion in retail sales. It is important to protect your in-store and online purchases this holiday season. During the holiday season, cyber crimes are more likely to occur. It is important to take precautions when shopping online and in-store. Here are a few tips on how to prevent cyber crime and keep your personal and financial information safe this holiday season.

As you know, the holiday season brings crowds of people to malls and other shopping centers which can potentially pose a threat for cyber crime. Hackers and RFID skimmers target locations that are crowded and busy. These hackers can retrieve personal and financial data from your RFID credit cards and ID. One precaution you can take to prevent identity theft is using a RFID blocking wallet. Silent Pocket’s collection of wallets offer a wide variety of styles. By utilizing Silent Pocket’s wallet, you instantly safe guard all your information on all your cards which allows you to freely and safely conquer the mall.

Online shopping for the holidays is a convenient way you can beat the crowds and chaos of in-store holiday shopping. With that in mind, it is important to safeguard your personal information from hackers. First and foremost, online holiday shopping should be done from your own personal computer at home or on a secure network. You should never conduct purchases on public Wi-Fi networks such as airports, coffee shops, and restaurants. These networks are not secure and hackers can retrieve sensitive data. During the holiday season, it is also important to keep tabs on your banking statements to ensure everything is accurate and up to date. It is best to make purchases with credit cards rather than debit cards. It is easier to get your money returned to you from a credit card company than the bank if you had any unauthorized purchases. You should only process your online orders if the website is secure and starting with https. One of the most important things you can do when online shopping is to enable the strongest authentication tools such as security keys, unique one-time code, and biometrics. Strong authorization codes will increase security and help prevent identity theft and hacking.

Holiday shop safe this year! Make sure you are taking extra precautions to protect your personal information from cyber criminals. Silent Pocket offers state of the art products to safeguard your personal data ranging from wallets to backpacks for every day security. Cyber breaches don’t just happen during the holidays, people are victims of cyber crime every day. Silent Pocket wishes you a safe shopping experience whether it’s online or in-store! Happy Holidays!
Amanda Fitzjerrells
Amanda Fitzjerrells

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