The Dual

Stop cell phone spying with the SilentPocket® Dual Bag. It contains 2 internal sides, one which blocks all incoming and outgoing signal transmissions to and from your cell phone. Additionally, smart keys, credit cards, passports, other RF enabled electronic devices, and anything that is RFID chipped, will be protected inside the RF shielding lining. The second side, indicated by the stripped cotton material, is intended for general use and does not provide shielding.

Which size is right for me? (Find your phone, tablet or similar sized device below) 

Small Dual6 ⅝” x 4 ⅜” - designed for iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, or similar sized devices. 

Medium Dual: X" x X" - designed for Galaxy Note II, iPad mini, or similar sized devices. 

Large Dual: 11 ⅚” x 9 ⅜” - designed for iPad and regular sized to large tablets. 

What is RF and RFID?

Radio-frequency (RF) signals are the radio waves that are used in wireless communication for your phones and tablets. The transmission of all data between your electronic devices (cell phones and tablets) use these RF signals and pose problems to our health and privacy. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the use of a wireless non-contact system that uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data from a tag attached to an object, for the purposes of automatic identification and tracking (For example your phone's NFC and RFID chips, passport, license and credit cards) This has all sorts of useful applications when it comes to file transfer, mobile commerce and all the things that make our mobile devices so useful. The trouble is, RF and RFID is still active even when we turn our phone off. SilentPocket® offers a fashionable and safe solution for RF and RFID blocking when you want to take your device offline.

Instructions for use: