RFID Wallets

SilentPocket® RFID Wallets are designed for fashion and utility. Keep your information secure from data theft, identity theft and credit card scanning. By putting your chipped items inside you are blocking ALL RFID / NFC signal transmissions.

Key Features

  • Premium Genuine Leather / Premium Cotton Canvas
  • RFID / NFC shielding material
  • High tension thread
  • Water resistant

Technical Specifications

  • Blocks frequencies 125/135 kHz
  • 13.56 MHz, 433MHz, 868 MHz
  • 915MHz & 2.4 GHz
  • Blocks all relevant RFID / NFC signal strengths 

Protection of

  • Debit, credit, banks cards
  • ID Cards, passports
  • Electronic health insurance card
  • Access, employees, members, blood donation certificates
  • Public transport tickets, university, library cards
  • Electronic key, car key

Prevention of

  • Data & identity theft via radio
  • Data scanning and lifting
  • Creating Unnoticed movement & behavior profiles
  • Destruction / damaging of chip cards by external electrostatic or magnetic signals